Dreams don't change the world. You need to execute.

Expertise in software engineering, data science and technical leadership

for visionary, mission-driven startups in healthcare, quantitative finance, education and other complex or highly regulated industries.

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Vet My Idea

Before you accelerate toward additional investments, partner with our experts to validate your idea or proof of concept.

We'll leverage in-depth industry and technical research and run small, controlled tests to validate assumptions around target audience, likely outcomes and feasibility.

- Tech Feasibility Assessment
- Product Design
- User Research
- Use Case Analysis
- Vendor Evaluation


We’re here to help you cut through the complexities of your toughest software, big data, AI/ML and/or cloud infrastructure problems.

We will partner with your team to understand the unique needs of your product and develop a plan of attack. We’ll guide you through the pros and cons of building vs. buying, help select the most suitable frameworks and tools, and ensure your systems are designed to be scalable and robust. With APrime on your side, you can fully focus on taking your business to the next level while we handle the technical details.

- Systems Architecture
- Data Analysis
- ETL + Data Management
- Software Engineering
- DevOps + Infrastructure


Without a core product, your business can’t hit its next milestone. Whatever you’re looking to build, we can help.

We'll work with you to refine the scope of your MVP or prototype and build it out as quickly as possible, so you can attract high-value investors, customers and technical employees. Depending on your goals, we will provide rapid iterations using no- or low-code prototyping tools, or build out a functional MVP using smart, scalable solutions.

- Product Design
- Roadmap Development
- Web Development
- DevOps + Infrastructure
- Product Testing + Validation


Protect your technology investments by working with a team of technical founders who understand the pressures of recruiting and onboarding the right team while delivering on your product goals.

By providing strong leadership and senior-level engineering and product resources, we’ll set you up to attract high-caliber engineers of your own.

Through our fractional CTO services, you will have access to our technical expertise to aid in decision-making, road mapping and technical planning and implementation. We’ll also help interview, hire and train your in-house technical team while ensuring forward momentum on all of your immediate engineering needs.

With our help, you can seamlessly scale your development velocity and engineering team to flex around changing demands, timelines and needs.

- Fractional CTO Services
- Engineering Process Optimization
- Agile Project Management

How to go from
zero to one — and done.

Your path to acceleration can start small and grow with your funding
and business, flexing as your needs and goals evolve.

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Start with a plan

Our technical experts will guide you through a small engagement to start. We’ll set expectations, define requirements and plan your project. We realize you are making a major investment, and we want to help you protect it.

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Build and Iterate

The build phase is all about agility, transparency, and continuous delivery—we’ll produce something meaningful and continue to iterate in collaboration with you and your team as your needs, goals and timelines change.

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Launch and Grow

Now that you have a validated product, you can accelerate to the next level of growth on your own. As your business evolves, we’ll become part of your team, sharing processes and best practices to ensure long-term success.

Domains We Love

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    Artificial Intelligence

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    Big Data

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    Cloud Infrastructure

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    Data Engineering

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    Full Stack Development

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    Information Security

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    Machine Learning

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    Distributed Systems

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    Web Applications

Featured Partners

We Serve

Healthcare / Medicare

There isn’t an industry with bigger stakes—or more intense regulation—than the highly complex healthcare industry. We have rich experience navigating the red tape as innovators in this space and can help you do the same.

Enterprise Software

As companies grow, they require more sophisticated technology and software solutions to automate and optimize key operations. We collaborate with senior leaders to identify and realize these strategic investments via tailor-made software solutions.

Ed Tech

With remote learning now established as a mainstream mode of education, the space is in dire need of solutions that can keep up with the evolving needs of students, educators, administrators and parents. We’ve worked with clients to use AI / machine learning techniques to facilitate learning in a virtual classroom setting.


Finance is a broad, complex, highly regulated and ultra-competitive industry. Whether you’re in asset management, quantitative finance, hedge funds, high-frequency trading, banking or fintech, we have an expert with deep domain knowledge and experience who can build tools to help you maintain your edge.

Real Estate

Any real estate deal will invariably involve meaningful amounts of money changing hands between multiple stakeholders as dictated by countless legally binding documents. We’ve helped clients in this space develop solutions that streamline and simplify these traditionally tedious processes.


This industry is highly regulated and ripe for disruption. We’ve helped our construction clients leverage the power of data and tech to create innovative solutions with the potential to eliminate waste, reduce risk and save lives.

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