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Finance: Banking Services Platform for Senior Citizens

A FinTech startup that provides banking and other financial services needed to balance customer acquisition and new product feature development ahead of an ambitiously timed Series A round and broad public launch. APrime’s team clarified the product roadmap and requirements and implemented a suite of fraud protection features, upgraded Auth0 identity management, and integrated transaction vendors to set the client up for success.

Finance Investment Strategies Data Pipeline

Finance: Portfolio Management Machine Learning Pipeline

A portfolio management company needed to modernize and automate their infrastructure before expanding their ETF product line. APrime designed and implemented a centralized and scalable infrastructure, fostering improved day-to-day operations, fortifying systems crucial to the company’s mission, and establishing a foundation for product expansion.


Finance: Equities Portfolio Research Platform

An asset manager with nearly $10B in AUM asked us to improve their laborious manual fundamentals-based research and analysis process. We built a modern, automated solution to identify domestic and global investment opportunities that fuels the superior performance of their investment portfolio.

Medicine doctor touching electronic medical record on tablet. DNA. Digital healthcare and network connection on hologram modern virtual screen interface, medical technology and futuristic concept.

Healthcare: Pharmacy Claims Analysis

We built our client’s core technology platform, supporting their mission to leverage data insights to reduce pharmacy costs and improve patient health. Our solution included patient and pharmacy data aggregation, a rules-based decision engine to identify pharmacy and therapy adjustment recommendations and a reporting framework to forecast potential cost savings.


Healthcare: Engagement Data Platform

While enjoying exponential growth of their business, our client faced debilitating data platform problems that severely impacted day-to-day operations and interactions with patients. We rearchitected their platform to generate complex, mission-critical reports in seconds, rather than days, and successfully eliminated persistent system-wide instability.


Healthcare: Next-Generation Diagnostics Platform

APrime partnered with SAFE Health on their next-generation digital health platform, with a focus on the design and implementation of the autogeneration of language-agnostic APIs.

AI and IoT concepts of business, businessman working on a laptop computer for artificial intelligence polygon brain with icons of smart city Internet of Things, AI concept and IoT business.

Education: AI-Enabled Collaborative Learning

For this engagement with Oko Labs, a pre-seed Ed Tech client, we built a robust, classroom-ready prototype of an intelligent teaching assistant for small group learning. Our intelligent assistant leverages a combination of tools and technologies including WebRTC, computer vision, speech recognition, and natural language processing to implement cognitive tutoring within a cloud-based video conferencing platform.

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