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If you’re a top-tier engineer who lives to solve complex problems, we want to hear from you.


APrime provides world-class technology services to startups
so that they can introduce more transformative innovation to the world. 

We de-risk startups.


We are exceptional technologists.

  • We’re curious and open, and we pursue opportunities to learn new skills and perspectives.

  • We love the work and know how to get into our flow state.

  • We model being generous teachers and mentors.

We put our clients first.

  • We demonstrate good intuition, judgment and discipline on where to invest our time, weighing effort vs “technical correctness” and business value.

  • We meet our clients where they are. We act with emotional awareness of context, motivation and situational constraints.

We're bold & intentional about our work.

  • We are relentless in defining the problem and always get to the root of an issue.

  • We call our shots and are precise in setting expectations.

  • We get work over the finish line.


Our clients

  • We work with a lot of early-stage startups—from pre-seed up to series B—with a focus on healthcare, real estate, education and fintech.

Our work

  • We provide a true startup culture without the risk of venture-backed funding. The work is varied and interesting, full of opportunities to learn new technologies and get exposed to architecturally interesting challenges.

Day to day

  • Engineers are assigned to projects based on their skills, goals, and interests. Our engineers generally enjoy working on more than one project at a time, and we optimize for collaboration.

Work-life balance

  • Our work is very predictable. Billable hours are important, but we’re not a 60hr/week kind of shop. We set clear boundaries and don’t allow clients to monopolize engineers’ time.

Competitive Benefits

  • Generous coverage toward several health plan options along with dental and vision

  • 401(k) plan with generous 6% match

  • Unlimited vacation and sick leave

  • Individual and company performance bonuses along with referral incentives

  • Access to equity in APrime’s client companies via a special purpose vehicle

  • Annual company-paid offsite

  • Fully remote

Current Openings

Senior Software Engineer - Full-Stack

United States | Fully Remote | Full-Time

Senior Software Engineer - Data Science / Data Engineering

United States | Fully Remote | Full-Time

Senior Software Engineer - Platform

United States | Fully Remote | Full-Time