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Meet our Team

We’re a rapidly growing, elite team of technologists led by MIT alumni with decades of technical experience and a proven track record of success. We thrive at the intersections of big data, software design and distributed cloud systems. We’re passionate about innovating and crafting elegant, expert-level solutions to complex problems.

Leevar Williams

Team - Leevar Williams

Leevar has 15+ years of software engineering, systems architecture and technical leadership experience. He was most recently CTO of Renew Health, where he led an organization spanning IT, Security, Software Engineering and Data Science in building a technology platform for an operationally complex PBM and clinical services business.

Rene Anziani

Team - Rene Anziani

Rene Anziani has 18+ years of software engineering, data analysis and technical leadership experience. As a cofounder of APrime Technology, he has provided technology and thought leadership for numerous startups spanning multiple industries. Previously, he was Head of Data at Renew Health where he led data architecture and analysis efforts.

Rachel Berger

Head of Operations
Team - Rachel Berger

Rachel has 18+ years experience in business and technology operations and process optimization. As VP, Program Management at The New York Times, Rachel managed projects across the company, led the 40-person PMO and collaboratively defined and executed on NYT’s vision for best-in-class Core Platform capabilities.

Rick Busdiecker

Engineering Manager

Rick has 35+ years of software engineering and technical leadership experience including more than a dozen years in finance and senior roles at Amazon, Google and Microsoft.

Alix Cook

Senior Software Engineer

Alix is a software engineer with experience in cloud infrastructure, devops and designing and implementing backend systems. Prior to APrime, Alix was a principal engineer at AmbassadorLabs, building a cloud-native API gateway.

Patrick Facheris

Senior Software Engineer
Team - Patrick Facheris

Patrick is a software engineer with 7+ years of experience in full-stack system design and DevOps/IT Infrastructure. He most recently held a senior engineering role at AppNexus where he was responsible for test environment automation systems and streamlining deployment processes.

Christian Funkhouser

Senior Software Engineer
Christian - APrime Headshot

Christian is an engineer who feels comfortable in any part of the stack, and has spent the better part of two decades dabbling in system architecture and administration, reliability engineering, DevOps, engineering management, and effective incident response.

Damjan Korać

Staff Product Manager
Team - Damjan Korac

Damjan has 10+ years of product management, software engineering and technical leadership experience. His most recent role was at Amazon, where he was the single-threaded product owner for the tech platform and customer-facing APIs used to issue and process $8B+ of Amazon gift cards each year across over 15 countries.

William Lane

Senior Software Engineer

William is a software engineer with eight years of experience designing APIs, building data platforms, and developing analytics infrastructure and algorithms. Before APrime, William worked at Google, Apple, and startups throughout Silicon Valley.

Alex Lee

Senior Software Engineer
Team - Alex Lee

Alex is a machine learning engineer with experience in data engineering, data science, and MLOps. Prior to joining APrime, Alex worked on the Machine Learning Platform team at the New York Times where he was responsible for all CI/CD and MLOps practices while also making the platform multi-regional.

Ryerson Lehman-Borer

Senior Software Engineer
Team - Ryerson Lehman-Borer

Ryerson is a software engineer with experience in backend system design, build and deployment infrastructure, and developer tooling. Before joining APrime, he worked at AppNexus, Eventide Audio, and Level.

Amit Lissack

Senior Software Engineer
Team - Amit Lissack

Amit is a software engineer with over 25 years of experience in a wide range of industries. He has developed software and firmware for consumer electronics at Cisco, Amazon, and Soundhawk. At AppNexus, he worked on automated advertisement categorization using computer vision and machine learning.

Andrey Rybalkin

Senior Software Engineer
Andrey Rybalkin 200x200 6kB 50 percent compression

Andrey has 10+ years of software engineering experience, focusing on design and development of full-stack applications. Prior to joining APrime, Andrey was a VP in the Software Engineering Division at Goldman Sachs, where he led a regional team developing investment banking software.

Brian Tang

Senior Software Engineer
Team - Brian Tang

Brian has 15+ years of experience in quantitative finance, working with different products and asset classes including power, fixed income, and equities. He was most recently at XR Trading developing high-frequency trading systems and strategies for trading cash and futures contracts for both US fixed income and equity products.

Donny Yung

Senior Software Engineer
Donny Yung headshot

Donny is a software engineer with 8 years of experience, primarily working on developer platforms, deployment systems, and cloud infrastructure. Before joining APrime, Donny was an SRE at Pinwheel, where he improved developer velocity through rearchitecting the CI/CD system, making the cloud infrastructure more self-service, and educating developers on cloud best practices.

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